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In her Memory...  

רוני קציל ז״ל 


שבט הראל בוכה ומתאבל עם משפחת קציל על לכתה

בטרם עת של רוני האהובה שלנו

Thank you for being part of us,

we will never forget you Angel

יהי זכרה ברוך

A little bit about our beloved Roni ...

Roni was the most friendly welcoming person you could meet. You could always tell her anything and trust it was safe. She was the type of girl that once you met her you wouldn’t stop being friends with her because she was so easy to be around and always had new things to share. When you were with her you never ran out of things to talk about. She loved to read books and listen to Conan Gray as well as to write and do all types of art. She loved animals and would never judge you for anything you did. Roni was super supportive even if she disagreed with what you were doing. She had the most contagious and pure smile that would make you happy no matter what. She treated everyone as if they were her best friend and would always include people even if she hardly knew them. Roni was never anything but kind and loving to everyone she knew and to anyone she met.

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